Support Scottsdale November 2018 Ballot Question 1

Help us campaign today for better Scottsdale streets tomorrow!

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Scottsdale major streets throughout the city need improvements so your travel is easier.  Question 1 on the Scottsdale November 6 ballot asks for .10% transportation tax increase for 10 years. $71 million generated by the City tax will be matched  by about $170 million of  Maricopa County transportation tax dollars already collected from Scottsdale taxpayers.  Click "Find Out More" for specific answers to questions and list of 22 projects.

United By A Common Goal

Scottsdale major street project improvements are the Number 1 need in the City.  Support Ballot Question 1 for increased temporary transportation sales tax in Scottsdale.  Everyone that uses the streets will pay an added one penny for each $10 purchase -- visitors, commuting employees and residents.

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Supporters of the Scottsdale transportation tax increase need your help. Spread the word that we must raise the necessary $71 million so we do not lose the matching dollars due to the City from Maricopa County transportation tax receipts.